SHINE is our underpinning philosophy about Making A Difference and as a team of staff we embrace this to raise funds, raise awareness and take time each day to make a difference.

We encourage teams, individuals, families and staff members to be creative in ways that they could raise awareness and funds to enhance the lifestyles of people we support.

Making a difference is so important that our fundraising committee is made up of employee volunteers from many departments in the organisation, who meet in their own time to motivate, encourage and support.

We are keen to work with families and friends to have fun activities and events that make a difference in a home in the community for the people we support and their families.

We would love to talk with you if you would like to take part in an event with us or set up a fundraising event or if you are thinking of a legacy in a will for an aware of support that’s important to you.

Please contact us on