Our Team



We owe our strength to the quality of the people we employ. Their skill in delivering personal and positive active support  is our most valuable asset, and we recognise the importance of recruiting and retaining good people. Our investment in their continued professional development and training is essential. We have set up our Shine Academy to support, train, mentor and develop our staff throughout their employment with us. We believe that continuous professional development together with experience enhance the expert care that our staff provide and we actively encourage our teams to achieve recognised qualifications that support and develop them personally and professionally.






Our 1500 strong workforce and all of our volunteers share our belief that people should be valued and respected, connected to their communities and in control of their lives. These principles drive our teams to empower every person who uses our services, to support them to lead a positive life and to continue to make a contribution to family, community and society.








Our teams are empowered to provide professional care and support, and to uphold Hica values and standards. These standards stretch across the board, not just in relation to the care we provide, but also in our hospitality, housekeeping, maintenance and administrative services. Everyone matters and everyone is important.