Students from the National Citizenship Service (NCS) came to specialised care homes Red House in Bridlington and Raleigh Court in Hull this week to help make a difference.

The National Citizen Service is a four week programme open to all 15-17 year olds designed to give them a wealth of new experiences. One of the weeks centres around devising a community-based project based on something they feel passionate about. They got in touch with Red House as they wanted to make a positive difference to the lives of the residents.

The NCS in Hull contacted Raleigh Court because two of the group had grandparents that once lived in the care home. They came along and asked residents to make a wishlist of items that they would like that would make a positive difference in their life, with one resident cheekily asking for Dolly Parton! The group then re-appeared a few days later with many gifts for the residents that were on their wishlists, bought with money they had fundraised for. The gifts that were given to the residents included an Amazon Echo Dot, some blue tooth speakers, some CD players and they even brought a poster of Dolly Parton. 

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The Bridlington Group telephoned Red House to offer their services in any project that would enhance the residents’ lives. After much deliberation the residents decided that they would like one of their courtyard gardens to receive a makeover which the NCS team thought was a wonderful idea.

The eight students who came to do the makeover also held a car boot sale to raise the money to buy flowers, paint and the other materials that were needed.  By the end of the fourth day the students had done terrific job and the garden was looking better than ever.

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The students that came into the homes all extremely friendly and really enjoyed chatting with the people who live and work there. The residents loved their company too and were interested to find what they’ve been up to. The HICA Group are believe strongly in schemes that encourage inter-generational communication which they know to be beneficial for everyone involved and always brings a friendly atmosphere to care homes.

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