1 Overton OM2.jpgOverton House, our specialist dementia care home located in Cottingham, has launched their latest investment, an interactive light projection system that will improve the lives of residents.

The new OM Interactive Mobii system is sensory stimulating and provides a wide range of physical, emotional and social benefits, that greatly advance the wellbeing of residents.

The OM Mobii is fully portable meaning that the games and experiences can be projected onto most surfaces, including residents’ beds.

Margaret Walker, manager of Overton House, said: “I’m delighted to introduce the Mobii into Overton House. It will greatly help improve the wellbeing of our residents. The technology allows table top light games to be played to stimulate physical, mental and social activity, which is vital in the care of dementia especially in the mid to late stages of the condition.”

Residents will be able to play a selection of stimulating games and quizzes that feature animals, flowers and other everyday items such as balls on their own or under supervision. Playing light games also have a calming effect on residents, helping to relax them. At the same time, it’s beneficial for residents who can’t or don’t communicate well because it encourages them to come together with family members and friends and interact and have fun.

Funds were raised through a variety of events held at the home including the popular Santa Fun Run. They were also delighted to receive a considerable donation from a resident’s relation.

Hica Group CEO Terry Peel added: “Wellbeing is at the heart of our ethos in our homes and we’ve made a significant commitment to make this become a reality. I am confident the Mobii system will be a great success, enjoyed for years to come and genuinely improve our wellbeing programmes. As a leading care provider, we strive to provide the best level of care we can and are committed to providing innovative initiatives that improve residents’ wellbeing. This is our fifth investment to date of such equipment having already invested in some Tovertafel tables at Elm Tree Court, The Hollies, Sunningdale Court and The Lodge, which is part of our Retirement Village in Lancashire.”

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