Former Land Girl awarded with veteran's badge

Nora family members and activity Coordinator Wendy.jpgA local Hull resident has been awarded a special Women’s Land Army Badge to mark her efforts during Second World War.

Nora Greenfield, who is a resident at Hica Group care home Raleigh Court, was nominated for the award by staff at the specialist dementia care home.

Nora, who is 97, worked on a threshing machine at farms across Driffield, providing much needed grain during years of rations.

The Women's Land Army (WLA) was a British civilian organisation created during the First and Second World Wars so women could work in agriculture, replacing men called up to the military. Women who worked for the WLA were commonly known as Land Girls.

Raleigh Court Activity Coordinator Wendy Williamson, said: “Nora often recalls her time working as a Land Girl during the war, and after one of our many conversations I found out that her hard work hadn’t been recognised.

“I nominated Nora for the Women’s Land Army Veterans Badge and contacted the local army, who came to present it in full uniform. She was so pleased to be given the badge, her face lit up. A person from the army gave a lovely speech too, it was very emotional.”

Nora, who has been a resident at Raleigh Court for around six years has many memories of working as a Land Girl, and often reflects on her job with fellow resident Ivy Crawforth, who served with her.

Following the war Nora, who grew up on Hessle Road in Hull, remained in Driffield and worked as a cleaner. She spent her time working, making good friends and watching her three nieces grow up. They often visit to hear her stories.

Alongside receiving the Land Army Veterans Badge, Nora also recently celebrated her 97th birthday with the help of Raleigh Court staff and fellow residents.

Penni Brown, chief executive at Hica Group, said: “This is the perfect example of how Hica Group staff are thoughtful and kind to our residents. Wendy went the extra mile to do something which Nora would really appreciate and enjoy, and everyone had a fantastic time at the presentation.”

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