Valentine's Day Afternoon Tea_married couples.jpgRomance is not just for the young - as residents living with dementia at an East Riding care home showed when they celebrated Valentine’s Day this week.

Staff at Overton House, Cottingham, made special arrangements for residents who had partners living both within the home and nearby to enjoy a day to remember.

A Valentine’s Day themed afternoon tea was laid-on so couples could celebrate a lifetime of love and happiness, enabling them to enjoy each other’s company and reminiscing about the past.

Margaret Walker, Registered Manager at Overton House, said: “It was a fabulous afternoon giving couples the opportunity to come together and relax over a cuppa or two and a delicious spread.

“Before the event, we asked each couple to provide some details on when they first met, how they got together, and special milestones in their life, such as their wedding day or first home or birth of a child.

“In dementia care, talking about memories and creating new ones, like today’s afternoon tea, is vital to improving the overall health and wellbeing of the resident living with dementia.

“There were a lot of smiles and laughter around the room and one couple who celebrated with us even have the word ‘love’ in their name. Stan and Margaret Newlove married at Hull Register Office in 1955 after meeting at Castle Hill Hospital whilst Margaret was visiting a friend. Stan was a patient at the time, recovering from TB. They also celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary this week too. It’s true what they say, love really does begin in the most unexpected places”

The dining room was decorated in paper flowers and ‘love’ balloons to mark Valentine’s Day. Overton House, part of Hull-based Hica Group, often organises afternoon tea sessions for residents to spend dedicated time with close family and friends. This helps them to interact and engage in conversations about the past and present, which forms an important part of the personalised care they each receive.

For more information about Overton House and the other care homes across the region that are owned and managed by Hica Group, please call 01482 581000 or visit

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