Respite care

We all need a break from time to time and short break respite plays a very important role for both the unpaid carer and the person who is in need of care.  Usually lasting anything from three to seven days, this respite service can be booked well in advance and can sometimes be funded by social services.

 Respite care may also be requested if the unpaid carer falls ill.  We are able to respond to these requests as a point of urgency, thus ensuring the safety of the individual.

 At hica, we provide short breaks within a number of our residential care homes and supported living environments.  Whether the need is for convalescence following an illness, a ‘trial’ to see if the home is the right choice, or just a break from routine, you will find an excellent level of care and service. 

 As an alternative, hicaathome is also able to offer respite care in the community, providing care within the person’s own home to ensure they are safe and supported in the absence of the usual family carers.