Dementia care

Working in conjunction with the globally-recognised dementia experts at Stirling University and drawing from our own extensive international research, we have an award-winning dementia care service.

Dementia comes in many forms and to recognise this, we have designed a portfolio of services to support each individual in the most relevant and meaningful manner possible. 

Dementia care can be provided in your own home, in one of our care homes, or as a day support package.

Some of the many features and benefits of our dementia service include:

  • a care plan tailored to meet the needs, abilities and personal choices of the individual
  • care home environments designed to make living with dementia less confusing, safer and more empowering
  • a service which aims to deliver independence, well-being, fulfilment and improvement
  • staff, across all disciplines, trained in dementia
  • broad range of activities geared around inclusion, independence and enjoyment
  • an emphasis on the differing nutrition and hydration needs of someone with dementia
  • on-going consultation with experts, such as the Alzheimer’s Society
  • the services of a Locksmith to help unlock memories, enhance independence and boost self-confidence