Award winning retirement village was the answer for Norma!

When septuagenarian Norma Smith suffered a fall last year, she worried it would mean the end of her favourite hobbies.

Retired Window Dresser for Owen Owen, Norma, had enjoyed a childhood in the Lake District before moving to Preston where she met her husband and had two sons. Following the loss of her husband many years later Norma adjusted to a fully independent life in her own home where she was a keen gardener and enjoyed a busy social life.

But in 2011, Norma suffered a fall which left her with limited movement in one shoulder. Her rehabilitation programme was carried out at The Grange at the award winning Buckshaw Retirement Village in Chorley. She attended every week and enjoyed the benefits of all the facilities available to her including the hydrotherapy pool and exercise classes.

Norma's recovery was good, but her shoulder injury had an affect on her life which made her gradually less and less independent.

It was suggested to her by family that it may be a good idea to move into an apartment at Buckshaw Retirement Village which would not only allow her to continue to enjoy her independence but also have the peace of mind that someone was there 24 hours a day should she need help with anything.

Norma said: "Initially I wasn't keen at all to move house. I loved my home and garden and couldn't imagine life anywhere else. However, having now made the move to Buckshaw I can't believe I didn't do it years ago! Not only is my shoulder improving every day, but I have a fully independent life, fantastic new friends and I feel totally safe and secure."

Julie McGlough, Health & Lifestyle Manager added: "When we first met Mrs Smith, although she was benefiting from the rehabilitation programme, the thought of moving was daunting for her. However, having taken the plunge she is now noticeably happier and healthier."

Julie continued: "Norma enjoys the hydrotherapy pool, the pampering sessions, my Falls Awareness and Exercise class and benefits from the drop in clinic here which means she has fewer trips to the doctor's surgery."

Norma added: "The best thing is if I want to take part in the activities and enjoy the facilities I can, but if I don't feel like it one day I can simply shut my door and enjoy my beautiful apartment."

Julie concluded: "It's so heart warming to see Norma enjoying life again and enjoying the gardens here at The Grange without worrying about all the work! – it has proven invaluable in improving her quality of life."

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