Design for Dementia

We are a leading provider of dementia care in the UK and have played a significant role in the development of leading research into dementia care provision with both University of Stirling and Bradford University Dementia Care Group. The physical representation of these principles is amply demonstrated at our developments, which has attracted numerous awards. The Lodge in Lancashire was the first care home in Europe to be awarded a Gold Standard in Excellence in Dementia Design.

Dementia-Doors-Hica-Group-201x300.jpgPeople who live in a care home, spend a large proportion of their lives within the boundaries of the home and good quality design plays an integral part in living a full and interesting life.

We are particularly careful to incorporate dementia design principles into our care homes so that people can age in place with comfort and security. Our innovative designs have followed extensive research and best practice from around the world and in close consultation with Stirling University. The University has spent many years researching the impact of design for people with a dementia and they say "Design is about more than shaping the physical environment to counter the impairments which come with dementia. It involves addressing standards, practices and behaviours of professional staff and changing the way people with dementia are engaged within the environments in which they live. Getting design right can make a fundamental difference to the lives of people with dementia. It improves their life experiences and can increase life expectancy.

Design elements that make us stand out from the crowd include a wide range of individually-tailored assistive technologies and a number of structural and interior design features that have been incorporated to aid orientation, improve recognition and avoid confusion. If you would like any further information about our design principles please talk to one of our Managers who will be happy to discuss this further.

Open University

The cutting edge dementia friendly design of The Lodge was recognised by the Open University when it was chosen to be a case study for students throughout the world who are taking a specialist dementia care course.

Students logging onto the Open University website can now watch five documentary-style videos each showing innovative dementia friendly design features of The Lodge, from residents' own apartments through to the dining rooms and lounges and the innovative Market Square and enclosed courtyard garden.

The videos demonstrate how design can play a positive role in the care and wellbeing of people with dementia. Staff ranging from care workers through to senior management are also featured on the videos, talking about the benefits that The Lodge's design brings to its residents.

In addition to the course-related videos, the material is also publicly accessible on You Tube and other online sites. You can watch the videos via this link to the Open University website.