Health and Wellbeing

We provide an environment which supports the individual lifestyles of the members of our community. Whether you or your loved one is in good health or has health concerns, we are on hand to cater to their needs.

We know that maintaining good physical health and mental wellbeing is key to a happy and fulfilling life, and so we have a dedicated and expert team in place to provide support and guidance to those who choose or need it.

Our specialist gym and wellness suite allows residents to exercise in a safe environment under the supervision of an instructor. A range of other opportunities to take part in wellbeing activities such as light exercise classes, walks, bowls and dancing events are also organised by our dedicated activity coordinator.

Regular visits from the wellness nurse also offer our community members extra support when they need it. We have also developed close links with local doctor’s surgeries in the area and an onsite clinic is available on specified days.