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blog - soc med.jpg I’ve never been particularly good at utilising social media – in fact if I’m honest, I don’t really like using it as it seems very intrusive and encourages you to share your innermost thoughts and feelings which can be quite a scary thing to do.  Recently a friend of mine asked her 16 year old daughter when she was going to meet her daughter’s new boyfriend to which she received the reply ‘he’s not my boyfriend!’.  Now her daughter has been going out with, seeing, spending time with this young man for almost two months so my friend was a little confused.  After a fairly confusing explanation of the new rules of dating, my friend’s daughter clarified the situation by telling her mother that they ‘haven’t even changed their status to ‘ in a relationship’ on Facebook yet…’ which, she felt, explained everything.

Now I know I am a little old fashioned about these things but I recently attended a meeting about the value of Social media to help with marketing and brand awareness of our product.  I went along with a very sceptical outlook, prepared to be irritated by the jargon and suspicious of people’s motives for using social media.  To be fair there were still some aspects of it that I don’t like but I was pleasantly surprised by how outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can help to tell the world not only about the services we provide, but how much of a positive impact much of what we do has on the lives of the people we support.

We recently set up a number of twitter accounts for our activity coordinators and I have had so much fun reading about, and seeing photographs of some of the activities in the services which I wouldn’t ordinarily get to see.  Activities such as outings to the Fair, the seaside, the Deep, the Pub, The theatre.  It was a delight to be able to share all of the amazing Christmas activities including parties, games and the odd bake off or two!  Through social media we have been able to share in people’s own celebrations of milestone birthdays, anniversaries and family news and the creativity shown in all of our services shone through.

So yes, I’m a convert.  I don’t think I will ever share my relationship status through Facebook, but I am really looking forward to seeing what 2017 has to bring and to sharing in all of those wonderful activities through the magic of social media.

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