Playlist for Life

4 upplaylist.jpgOne day I was looking at You Tube and I came across a video for a small charity in Scotland called Playlist for Life. I was absolutely blown away by the videos I saw and the impact it had on the lives of people with a dementia who were involved. Playlist for Life taps into meaningful music that has the ability to improve life for people with dementia, their family and their carers. We have probably all experienced music which gives us 'that flashback feeling’; when a certain song takes us back to a person, place or time whenever we hear it. That feeling is a sign that the music we are listening to is deeply connected to our memories and emotions. For people with dementia it can be a lifeline.                                                                                

A personal playlist can help to enhance memories and abilities, strengthen relationships and restore a sense of self in a world that can be increasingly alien.

Because of this we knew that we needed to introduce Playlist for Life in our services and we decided to opt for accredited status, which is only awarded when practitioners can demonstrate implementation of the incentive and not just that they have attended a training event. And our feedback is proving that our investment is paying off. I am delighted to be receiving some very positive feedback about how well Playlist for Life is working in the homes.  Already we are seeing improved engagement and carer–resident relationships. This will continue as we are working towards every resident having their own ‘Playlist for Life’.

Why not have a look at Playlist for Life in action can be seen on this Youtube video, Henry’s Story:

This initiative also got me thinking, what is my Playlist for Life? After some thought I came up with my top 5 track list.

1.            My brother Jake - Free

I was fifteen when this was released and hearing this takes me right back to the summer of 71 when my best friend and I were growing up, living life and having the best times.

2.            You belong to me – Patsy Cline

Mum and Dad in the kitchen singing to each other – priceless.

3.            Diamonds on the soles of her shoes – Paul Simon

The year I moved in with my husband, we had no money and stayed in a lot – this was our favourite album and my favourite track.

4.            Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Took my breath away the first time I heard this – the orchestral arrangement, the lyrics and that crescendo - Wow

5.            Blue moon – Dean Martin

My dad’s party piece – lovely memories

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