To Blog or not to Blog? That is the question.

penni.jpgI have been pondering over what I would like to say in my new 'blogspot' on our website and have a read a number of articles (some helpful, some less so) on what makes a good 'blog'. The key, I am told, is to write from the heart, keep it simple and don't waffle. Well the first two I can promise, the third I will give my absolute very best shot, although my team aren't holding out much hope.

So why am I giving this blogging lark a go and what can I possibly have to say that would interest other people? I have thought long and hard about that question and the value of blogs such as this one as I can honestly say that until very recently I had yet to be convinced. We then had some poor publicity in the press; some allegations founded, some not. We tried not to let the unfounded allegations affect us and we poured our time and resources into improving the services that needed out attention. As a Not for Profit Organisation our only aim is to provide high quality services within the funding available and we were really upset that we had failed to live up to our own standards, let alone CQC's. I am pleased to say that the time and effort is paying off and although there is still more to do, we have made great improvements where they were pic.png

However, progress was made much more difficult by the negativity that impacted our other services that were doing great work; being awarded gold standard awards and receiving Outstanding ratings from CQC for example, and the teams were all asking 'how can we tell people about the exceptional stuff we are doing'? How can we tell people what a great company HICA is to work for? And from this the #LoudandProud campaign was born. Our teams have been taking to the twittersphere (if that is indeed what it is called...) and our website to loudly say why they are proud to work for HICA and I have been genuinely moved by some of their comments.

I realise that we shouldn't be complacent and it is important to be open and transparent when we have delivered a less than satisfactory service. But I also realise it is important to let people know about the exceptional work we are doing and to celebrate the outstanding efforts of our staff teams. I am surrounded by wonderful people and every day I see examples of great practice, genuinely caring individuals and people putting their heart and soul into their role of caring and supporting the people who use our services.

So, to answer my own question – To blog it is. I will join with my teams to say loud and proud what a great company HICA is to work for, I will share the great work they are doing and I will be honest when things are not going according to plan. I will also take the opportunity to comment on the social care landscape and on innovations in the industry and there may even be one or two guest bloggers along the way. I will also keep it simple, and I will write from my heart. Although as you can already see, I can't promise not to waffle.



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