The SHINE Photography Competition 2017

After  a total of eight months the 2017 Photograph Competition came to an end in September.

Betty Wiley, 87, from Overton House, Chris Capello, 65,  from Elm Tree Court and, Gavin Quinn, 50, from Horrox Court and Edith Jensen, 93,  from Raleigh Court were announced as winners of the service users’ category.

The competition, which ran over Hull and East Riding, led to several residents with dementia or learning difficulties re-igniting hobbies and passions while introducing others to a new pastime to enjoy.

Entries came flooding in to the judging panel, which was made up of professional photographer Neil Holmes, Hica Group chief executive Penni Brown, and activities lead Brian Johnson.

Finalists were able to choose their subjects, and the winning photography included photographs of selfies, rabbits and loved ones.  

Other winners within the categories for Hica Group team members and family and friends of service users were also announced. Participants within these categories were given four subjects to choose from which included architecture, culture, people and nature, while residents and service users were encouraged to be creative and select their own subjects.

Penni Brown, chief executive at Hica Group, said: “The competition encouraged our service users, team members, family and friends to get involved and creative with this Hull City of Culture project.

“Not only did the project provide some friendly competition, it encouraged a fun activity that everyone could take part in together. It also encouraged residents who had previously enjoyed photography to pick up a camera again, get out and about and take some lovely images. 

“The photographs we received from everyone were excellent and choosing the winners was difficult. We chose the photos which were creative, inspiring and stood out.”

Winners were each awarded a framed version of their photograph, which will be hung with a plaque in their place of choice, as well as a gift voucher.


Service User winners

Team Members

Friends and Family